Much more than one of the main tourist destinations during the European summer, Algaverve has become an excellent option for those who wish to live in Portugal.

With a lower cost of living compared to Lisbon, for example, combined with quality of life, perfect climate and security, living in the Algarve has become the desire of many foreigners.

The great variety of cultural and sports activities, as well as a first class gastronomy, makes the Algarve an excellent destination for families, whether they buy a holiday property or, in fact, move to the region.

There are certainly many good reasons to live in the Algarve. Know a little more about the region:


The Algarve is located in the extreme south of Portugal, 280 km from the capital Lisbon. The drive takes about 2.30 minutes. The region is known as the District of Faro and is one of the most important tourist regions of Portugal.

In addition, the eastern region of the Algarve is bordered by Spain, to the north by the Alentejo region and to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean.

Faro International Airport, located in the capital, was opened in 1965 and certainly helped to boost the development of the region. The airport is very modern and is only four kilometers away from the center of Faro. From Lisbon to Faro, for example, the journey takes 45 minutes.

Certainly one of the main highlights of the Algarve is the extremely pleasant climate throughout the year. Moreover, the region is considered to have the best weather conditions in Europe, with little rain and plenty of sun!

The best climate in Portugal and Europe

The temperature varies between 15 ºC and 31 ºC throughout the year and winters with thermometers close to 0 ºC are very rare. Summers are long, hot and dry, a perfect invitation to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the region.

Winter is short-lived and milder than in other parts of Europe.

Health in the Algarve

The health system in the Algarve has an excellent standard and is free of charge – or inexpensive if you are European or registered as a resident.

If you prefer, you can pay for a private health plan. But the Algarve hospital is well served.

So if you contribute to Portuguese social security, your family will also be entitled, as long as they also have the status of resident. Retirees and investors also have the same right.

Is there a job in the Algarve?

The region of Algarve is quite touristic, so the focus of job offers ends up being limited and directed to the area of tourism and service provision. Very different from what happens in the capital Lisbon or even in Porto.

In addition, it is necessary to consider that places further away from larger cities also tend to have a lower job offer.

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